Making the impossible possible

A contract chair must incorporate three essential elements in combination: comfort, design and durability. At Sogokagu, we focus above all on combining the contradictory requirements of “a delicate design coupled with a solid structure.” We take on the challenge of satisfying these needs through processing and trial manufacturing of complex forms and through our strength-testing regimen, which involves exposure to many types of environments in the research building of our Design Lab.


Unwavering attention to detai

To provide a beautiful profile that embellishes any interior, we must fashion chair legs that complement the original shell of the chair. At SOGOKAGU, we strive to achieve this by developing original leg designs. How much thinner can we make them? In seeking an answer, we create organic curved surfaces with a combination of thinness and strength that can be achieved only through repeated strength testing of models shaped from die-cast aluminum.


Production of full-size prototypes

We create an original design for the seat shell in order to satisfy our two essential requirements. Specifically, we undertake repeated verification of ergonomic values to ensure close adherence to the shape of the body. Moreover, the resulting shape must beautifully harmonize with any interior. The research building in our Design Lab is equipped with 5-axis and 3-axis machining centers capable of forming these curved surfaces providing both good fit and attractive appearance. Thanks to our use of full-size prototypes, we are able to verify our designs with assurance.


Shaping functional prototypes from a variety of materials

Using a trial-and-error approach, we sculpt detailed, full-size prototypes from blocks of synthetic wood, aluminum and other materials.


Complex yet beautifully curved shapes

The original design of a chair must adhere to the design requirements for “close adherence to the shape of the body” and “a beautiful form that lights up any interior.” By developing full-size prototypes for testing, we strive to create the complex curved shapes that satisfy both our design objectives.