Invisible quality

Contract chairs exhibit durability superior to what is typical of products intended for household use. In stores, offices and public spaces, these chairs are subject to use by an unknown number of people for long periods of time, resulting in high potential for wear and breakage. For this reason, we subject our products to strength testing that mimics exceptional usage conditions.


SOGOKAGU’s standards

Multifaceted tests apply a variety of loads to contract chairs in order to enhance their construction for increased durability. Of course, SOGOKAGU’s verification at the design stage assumes the typical usage conditions to be expected after delivery. We aim to further increase the quality of our products by conducting testing that mimics the characteristics of human movements and behavior.


Destructive testing

Destructive testing reveals typical breakage patterns.

Three-way testing

This test focuses on the sofa seating surfaces and the back.

Endurance testing

Our seating test cycle mimics the stress of a chair being sat on 200,000 times.

Drop test

This test drops the chair onto its front legs or back legs from the prescribed test height.

High Speed Camera

By confirming the deformation of the chair when a momentary impact that can not be seen by human eyes is applied, we will try to further increase the strength of the contract chair.