A plethora of ‘Japanese’
potential spun by imagination
and creativity

Delicate and simple. Detailed and measured.
How do you incorporate the Japanese perception of beauty into a contract chair for a contemporary interior?
Our WABI line is all about applying ‘Japanese design right here and now’.

A kimono lapel for the seatback
and a bulbous seat for sitting

The backseat of this series of chairs geometrically plays off a kimono lapel to establish a ‘Japanese’ presence.
The seat is wide and spherical.
To make the complicated curves work, we went through a lengthy process of repeated 3D modeling,
trimming and seating test.

Beautifully combined curves
in the back and seat

DESIGN LABO has given us the means to carefully test designs, materials, comfort and strength.
Through repeated testing, we have greatly enhanced the degree of completeness of our designs.
All of that has been applied to fusing design and sitting comfort into the functional beauty of our WABI line.

A chair you wear
when you sit

The Japanese kimono has a long, long history.
In searching for the form that best expresses the
dignity and delicateness of this traditional wear,
we did repeated testing and ultimately put a lot from
the kimono into our WABI line.

Sculpting Japanese
esthetics into modern design

In our pursuit of functional beauty, we molded
the shell of our WABI chairs from highly durable urethane.
We then came up with leg variations,
so that the chairs would fit a diversity of places.