Figurative art sculpted from
lines and curves

OMBRE means ‘shadow’. We composed the 3-dimensional figures of this series from lines and curves so that, like a ‘shadow’,
the pieces would blend into the architectural setting without eating up a lot of space.

A linear contour and
spacious seat area

We did repeated simulations on 3D-CAD and made endless prototypes with a 3D printer,
to find the ‘perfect’ shape that would satisfy two key parameters of a series of contract chairs —
a slim contour and ample sitting comfort.

Verifying comfort, esthetics and
durability via actual-size models

At DESIGN LABO, the development process is accompanied by careful testing down to the smallest detail.
Our development theme here specified a trade-off between an ‘intricate design” and a ‘robust construction”.
To appropriately accent our OMBRE line, we trimmed away the aluminum from the legs and tested strength against looks.
We eventually came up with a design that worked.

aluminum legs

For a chair or sofa to be figuratively beautiful,
the legs must match the rest.
These original wide-stiletto legs were born from our
passion to make things at SOGOKAGU.

Evolving contract furniture
into modern art

The simple design of our OMBRE line permeates
the room like a shadow and opens up a world of
decorative possibilities with a modern sculpture-like presence.
The gently curved floating back is supported by
shapely aluminum legs that accent the piece from behind.