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About Kvadrat

Kvadrat is a leading European textile manufacturer founded in Denmark in 1968. With roots in traditional northern European design, Kvadrat works with designers and artists in various fields to produce the highest quality textiles. They offer 150 types of fabric in over 3500 colors. Their fabrics have been used in renowned buildings around the world, including Berlin’s historic Reichstag and New York City’s Museum of Modern Art.

Remix 2

ウール 90% ナイロン 10%

Remix 2 features plain solids and minimalist patterns. The use of mélange yarn produces a depth of color not found elsewhere. A single-color textile is produced from up to six colors. These textiles elicit the limitless potential inherent in the yarn’s beauty through skilled craftsmanship.

Divina MD

ウール 100%

Divina MD is a textile with superior durability that is smooth and pleasant to the touch, featuring mélange colors whose depth seems to change depending on the viewing angle. Its delightful, felt-like texture is produced by wetting and heating a plain weave fabric to shrink the yarn. With excellent elasticity, it can be used to create organic forms.

Revive 1

難燃性再生ポリエステル 100%

Revive 1 features vivid colors together with high durability and high flame resistance, making it ideal for use especially in contract furniture. The textile is made from recycled PET plastic in colors inspired by fishing ports and boats. It has single-color warp and weft threads. Different shades of the same color or contrasting colors can be used that complement one another.

クヴァドラ社のファブリック(Remix 2・Divina MD・Revive 1)は、大阪・東京・名古屋のショールームでご覧頂けます。

Osaka Showroom

大阪市中央区淡路町3-6-3御堂筋MTRビル 2F

Tokyo Showroom

東京都港区赤坂2-12-10 HF溜池ビルディング 2F

Nagoya Showroom

愛知県名古屋市中区栄2-6-1 RT白川ビル 7F

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