Sogokagu Co., Ltd. is a furniture manufacturer involved in the planning, manufacture and sales of primarily commercial contract furniture. In addition to our own original products, we offer a diverse selection of items produced and procured from both inside Japan and around the world, resulting in an extensive and wide-ranging product line. We are committed to showcasing sophisticated designs and offering superior value while focusing every day on the development of innovative materials and technologies.

Design Labo

Where the past connects to the future

At SOGOKAGU, our goal is to manufacture contract furniture distinguished for its strength and beauty. Toward that end, we established our Design Lab comprising both an office building and research building. Encompassing design, research and communication, this facility is accelerating the evolution of contract furniture.


This is the inspiration for innovative design.

Incorporating the concept of “meeting in conversation,” Meetalk is an original brand introduced by SOGOKAGU 30 years ago. It reflects our belief that the chair can function as a communications tool linking hearts and minds. Our Design Lab is meeting the challenge of creating innovative designs for contract chairs that meet increasingly diverse needs of the future — furniture compatible with a range of tasks, including work, communication, dining, resting and leisure activities.



Designing a “soft” building

SOGOKAGU excels at manufacturing soft furniture. I therefore sought to design a building that resembles this product. The building was constructed with a skeleton framework sprayed with urethane and wrapped with a fabric covering. A film known as ETFE was the appropriate choice for this covering. It expresses the desired softness and eliminates the hard appearance of a conventional building.


Kengo Kuma
Architect & Designer

Born in Kanagawa Prefecture in 1954. Graduated from the Department of Architecture, Faculty of Engineering, The University of Tokyo. Later completed Graduate School at the same university. After serving as a visiting scholar at Columbia University, Mr. Kuma became a sponsored researcher at the Asian Cultural Council. He established Spatial Design Studio in 1987 and Kengo Kuma & Associates in 1990. Currently holds a professorship at The University of Tokyo.


Sculpting with soft lighting

The mesh bracing covered in urethane and ETFE film allows a gentle light to infiltrate the room. Moreover, the glass stairs highlight the effectiveness of the lighting, while the interlaced wooden screen, measuring a full five meters in height, welcomes visitors with its lively appearance.